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    We are planning a trip from Seattle to Crater Lake in early June. We have never been in that area of Oregon and would like a good route as well as places to stop along the way. Any tips would be appreciated as well. We are flexible on time, we have a week...Thanks in advance!

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    We're headed in that direction at about the same time of year, from what we've researched, Rim Dr around Crater Lake may not be open in early June. Just something to consider.

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    For some reason, that general trip, or parts of it, has come up a few times recently. Here is some routing advice I gave some one else. In your case, with more time to visit the northern portions of this area, I'd have a look at visiting some of the many Lewis and Clark sites, taking a drive on the Historic Columbia River Highway, and circumnavigating Mount Hood.


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    While there are many extraordinary sites on the northern part of your trip don't disregard what's to be found in southern Oregon around Crater Lake. In addition to the Lake itself there are numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation and cultural experiences. Great food and wine too if you are into that. The Applegate Valley has several wineries that have made the list of must visit places in several national media publications. Artisan cheese and chocolate makers in the Rogue Valley have won international awards. Here's a good link to what's available in the area:

    If you are coming down I-5 to Crater Lake I would suggest going to Roseburg and then taking state Route 138 to Diamond Lake, which is adjacent to Crater Lake. It's called the "Thundering Waters Scenic Byway" and passes numerous waterfalls either adjacent to the road or within very easy walking distance. The falls will be at their peak in early June. There are 17 named waterfalls, some calendar photo quality. Follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can download a PDF file that is a photo guide for the drive:

    The other poster is correct that some of Rim Drive may not be open in early June, but some of it will be and the north entrance from Diamond Lake and Bend should be cleared and open by then. It's also a great time to visit Crater Lake as the days can be sunny and warm yet there is still plenty of snow around and the scenery is spectacular. You'll likely see kids sledding on cardboard down snowbanks in their t-shirts and shorts.

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    Strongly concur on the scenic byway (although I thought I remembered seeing it signed as the "Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway"?). It also has some of the prettiest campsites I've ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bk949 View Post
    Strongly concur on the scenic byway (although I thought I remembered seeing it signed as the "Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway"?). It also has some of the prettiest campsites I've ever seen.
    Absolutely correct on the official name of the byway. My error. The Thundering Waters refers to the Forest Service/BLM portion of the overall scenic byway. Regardless of name it is a wonderful way to get from I-5 to Crater Lake.

    One lone caution....bring mosquito repellant for hikes in early June.

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    Nine years ago, we took a 26 mile road from Lost Lake towards Crater Lake. There was a sign warning that this short cut (oh I wish I could remember the name ...) was trecherous in rain. Presuming this road is the same, I DISCOURAGE you highly from taking it. You will be hugging the edge of the mountain with cliffs not far from your tires, and no rails. I held my breath and counted the inches every bit of this 26 miles.

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