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    Hi folks,

    I was on this forum back in 2008 to get some advice about a road trip down from Calgary as far as El Paso and back - I got some great help and the trip was - surprisingly... - a massive success, so cheers for that.

    Now though I was hoping someone would be able to help. I'm planning on heading over from Scotland to meet my brother and do a trip through the south. The rough idea is to fly to Orlando or Jacksonville, head up to Savannah and then cut across Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi down to New Orleans, and then up through Mississippi to Memphis and up to DC before flying home. We've got about two full weeks to do it and would like to avoid Interstates and freeways as much as possible. Is the trip do-able in that time, or would be just be driving with no time for stopping?

    Any advice on the timescales would be grand - and any tips on where to go would be magic as well.


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    Default Alternatives to the Big Roads

    There are, of course, always alternatives to the Interstates. The South in particular has a vast network of 4 lane divided (but not controlled access) highways similar to the very best 'A' roads of the UK. For example, US-82, US-84, US-280 or any combination thereof could make a great backbone to a RoadTrip across the deep South, with possible attractions including Okefenokee Swamp, Andersonville Prison, and Gulf Islands National Seashore on the way to New Orleans. Heading up the Mississippi, US-61 is variously known as the Great River Road or the Blues Highway. Turning east from Memphis, US-64 crosses southern Tennessee, would let you visit one of America's major Civil War Battlefields, Shiloh, and eventually connect you to the Natchez Trace Parkway up to Nashville. Once in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers a seriously scenic route northeast towards the Washington area. So, take a look at those routes, make a first stab at how you'd like to go, and maybe someone can be of further help with specific sights on your chosen roads.

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  3. Default Jacksonville FA to Washington DC

    Hi folks,

    I posted a while back about a prospective road trip avoiding interstates when possible through the south - we've now got dates and directions and I was hoping someone might have suggestions for particular routes to take etc. I've pasted the rough itinerary below - any comments would be much appreciated. We've accomodation booked in Savannah, Atlanta, New Orleans and Memphis. And we're going to Kings Dominion in Richmond (had to be done...!) but the rest is open to change. Cheers again for your help.

    Fri 25 - Jacksonville to Savannah
    Sat 26 - Savannah to Atlanta
    Sun 27 - Atlanta to Montgomery
    Mon 28 - Montgomery to New Orleans
    Tue 29 - New Orleans
    Wed 30 - New Orleans
    Thur 1 - New Orleans to Vicksburg MS via Lafayette LA
    Fri 2 - Vicksburg to Memphis
    Sat 3 - Memphis
    Sun 4 - Memphis
    Mon 5 - Memphis to Nashville
    Tue 6 - Nashville
    Wed 7 - Nashville to Asheville NC
    Thur 8 - Asheville to Richmond VA via Blue Ridge Parkway
    Fri 9 - Richmond
    Sat 10 - Richmond to Washington DC
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