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    Hi all,

    My friend wants to visit Canada, and I want to see some of the upper part of the US. We'll be flying from France and renting a car. I'm thinking it will be about 2 weeks in September, but I don't know if it will be too cold to camp.
    I don't know which airport we'll be flying to, I guess it depends wherever renting a car is cheaper (Canada or the US, and if they allow to drive outside of the country?).

    We only have a few ideas so far, that include:
    - Niagara Falls
    - Montreal
    - Quebec city
    - Toronto
    - the UP
    - anything outdoors

    Any suggestions regarding visits and sights in these areas and the best route to take are welcome.


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    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I think your plans are just a bit ambitious. In particular, the UP of Michigan is distant enough from your other destinations that, unless there is a very specific reason why you want to go there, I would simply leave it out. There is plenty of wilderness in northern Maine and the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York to fulfill that part of your travel plans without the three day round-trip drive to Michigan and back. Renting a car should not be a problem as long as at least one of you is 25 or older and can do all the driving. Renting a car if you're 21-24 can be expensive with a surcharge of about $25/day/driver, and renting a car if your under 21 is essentially impossible. It shouldn't matter where you rent the car (except for price) as long as you plan to return it to the place where you originally pick it up. Typically you cannot rent a car in one country and return it in the other, and even dropping it off in another city within the same country entails a rather large one-way fee.

    I've been camping in northern New England in the fall and have enjoyed it very much. Yes. it gets chilly at night - after all, something's got to signal the trees to start changing colors - but with proper equipment it can be a wonderful time of year. As to sights and routes, check out these for New England.


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