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    Hey there,

    My wife and I are going to take a few days after our wedding to drive from Portland, OR, to Vancouver, BC, and I was hoping you could help me out with some good places to stay/visit/explore/drink beer at.
    Hey there,

    My wife and I are planning on driving to Van from Portland over a few days at the beginning of May and could use some advice.

    Here is the time frame we're working with for context: we'll be driving from Fernie, BC down into Montana for a night, then we plan to drive from Montana to Portland straight through and arrive in Portland (or nearby) at night. We can call that Day 1 - if you have any suggestions of cool stuff to see along that drive, your comments are welcome!

    Working backwards, we'd like to be in Van to sleep (or nearby - been to Van lots so it isn't necessary if you have other suggestions) on Day 4. That leaves days 2 and 3 for exploring around, maybe even much of Day 4 too. We're interested in nature/hiking, but also hitting decent restaurants and microbreweries along the way. B&B suggestions along the way would be great too.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Portland to Vancouver is a mere 315 miles, so less than a day's drive. Three days leaves you plenty of time to explore at will. You could, for example, hike some of the forests and parks of the Cascades including Mount St. Helens and Mount Ranier, or you could opt to simply drive up I-5 and explore the urban landscape of the SeaTac area, or you could decide to follow the coast up to the Olympic Peninsula, take the ferry from Port Angeles over to Victoria, and then another ferry from Swartz Bay north of Victoria to Tsawwassen south of Vancouver. Each has romantic possibilities and I've not had much trouble ever finding a good local brew pub - just ask around.


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