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    Hi! Some friends and are planning to take a 5-6 day trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Do you think this enough time? We'd be doing the trip in mid-August.
    Any advice on cheap hotels? Or nice but inexpensive campsites?
    Best destinations along the way?
    We're planning on going down through New Orleans, to Austin, through Texas, into New Mexico and Arizona, up to the Grand Canyon, and down to Los Angeles. Is 5-6 days enough for this journey?

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    Your trip maps out at just over 2,600 miles. Normally, I'd say that such a drive could be done in five days, but there are several extenuating circumstances which dictate that yours will take longer. First, you list a number of destinations along the way, none of which are on the direct route between Atlanta and Los Angeles. I assume that there are reasons you want to go to the cities and sites you list, and each of them will take time. If you take just a minimal amount of time getting into and out of each of the places you list and only a couple of hours at each, you will have spent an entire day on your destinations. Secondly, having multiple people will slow you down. Each stop for gas, food, and bathrooms will take longer as will herding everybody back into the car to continue the journey. And you won't be able to make that up by sharing driving and trying to drive longer each day. With that many people in a car, no one will be comfortable enough to get any quality sleep. so you should limit your actual on-the-road time to 8-10 hours a day for safety's sake. Besides the destinations you've listed, you really won't have time to go wandering off anywhere else, and as I've noted your time at your listed stops will have to be minimal. As for accommodations, you will need to keep pretty much to motels and campsites near the Interstate exits, again in the interest of time. Motels are 'ready made' campsites and there are several low cost chains including Red Roof Inn, Motel 6, Microtel, Super 8 and Econo Lodge among others. A campsite will be cheaper but take longer to set up and take down. Try to see which state parks with camping facilities are near where you'll be stopping each night. And yes, with your limited timeframe and multiple stops, you should work out where you should be each night to stay on schedule, figuring you need to make 500 miles on days when you will not be visiting anywhere, and accounting for 'lost' time when you do stop.


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    Thanks so much for your input! So best places to stop along the way? Where's good to go along the way in Texas?

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    To be honest with you, Texas is where you can "make up" time. I-10 is quite desolate across a major portion of TX and the daytime speed limit is 80 mph across the whole western half. With your alloted time and desires, I'd get through there as quickly as possible. I'd look at getting an early start out of Austin and making it at least to El Paso, if not farther, in one day. This is the only stretch in the country where I'd be comfortable in exceeding our 600 mile a day recommendation.

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