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  1. Default Los Angeles to Denver - Early May

    Since this is my first post at Roadtrip America, let me start by saying Hello. ; )

    I will be moving from LA to Denver the first week in May and I was wondering if I could get some advice about the best route to take at this time of year.

    Would it be better to do the Vegas-Utah-Colorado route at this time of year or the Phoneix-New Mexico-Colorado route? Things I should point out are the fact that I am driving with a car full of my belongings and I have not driven in snow before (is is possible that it may still be snowing the first week of May?). I would like to do the drive in two days with only 1 overnight stop, if possible, is it or is that too much driving for one person in such a short time?

    Additonally, if anyone has made this type of trip with a full car of stuff that you don't trust to the movers, would you mind suggesting how you handled the overnight in a hotel thing? Did you lug everything into the hotel with you, or leave it in the car and cross your fingers everything would be safe. And speaking of safe, any hotel suggestions for the trip would be wonderful too.

    Last question, do I need to buy snow chains for the trip, or will it be safe without them at this time of the year?

    Thank you so much. ; )

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    Default relax!

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Going the direct route I-15 to I-70 is about a 1000 miles trip, which is about the perfect distance for a 2 day trip. You really shouldn't have any problems completing the trip in that time, and if you even wanted to take a short detour off the highway - to a place like Zion or Arches - to make the trip more enjoyable, you could probably fit that in too!

    It would be quite rare to see (although not impossible) to see significant snow in May. You certainly shouldn't need chains, and in the event there was a storm, it would likely be cleared very quickly.

    Going through Arizona (either through Phoenix and up I-17 or across I-40 from Barstow) adds 200 miles to this trip. That starts to push the distance you can cover in 2 days, and personally, I wouldn't be adding 20% more miles to my trip unless I had a very good reason. If there is something you really want to see in AZ or NM, or if you had a specific forecast immediately before you left indicating a major storm was hitting I-70, then going the long way might make sense, but thats about it.

    For a motel, Beaver or Richfield Utah would be roughly the halfway point and either city will have plenty of motels to pick from depending on your budget. Both are pretty small towns that basically cater to Interstate travelers, so you won't really have to worry too much about safety. Just use some common sense, take any over your real valuable stuff inside with your and/or keep it in the trunk out of sight. I'd also try to park near your specific room so you can kind of keep an eye on things. Otherwise, I wouldn't over worry about things.

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    Thank you so much for your kind and quick reply. I feel much better, and very happy because I was thinking I would rather do that route. From what I have heard it will be a nice ride. I will do that.

    If you don't mind do you have any favorite hotels in Beaver or Richmond that you would recommend? Do you think I should make reservations upfront or just wing it and find something when I get there?

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    I have not stayed in either town, but you should be okay winging it unless you will be arriving quite late at night. With your safety concerns, I'd look for an "old fashioned" type of motel that has outside doors to the rooms and parking in front of the rooms, try for a ground floor room. may be a good place to start to research them.

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