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    Us 3 girls are arriving in LA on May 1 planning to drive across to NY - we have 5 weeks - any ideas about buying a car and selling it at the end - any advise appreciated - we are 19. Thanks from Floppy

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am afraid that it is not that simple for an overseas visitor to get the necessary documentation to register and insure a car. This question has been asked many times by many people, and not once have we had a response come back to tell us that it has been done, and how, despite asking each time. Even so a trip of a few weeks it would cost a heck of a lot with Insurance etc and the fact that to find a reliable car in a short space of time and then selling it, you would most likely need to buy retail and sell wholesale, costing a lot in difference.

    It's not much better on the rental front unless at least one of you are over the age of 21 and even then you will be faced with hefty "young driver fees" on a daily basis, unless one or more of you are 25 years of age or over where it no longer applies, in either case only the person[s] that qualify could do the driving.

    Having re read your post it appears you are all 19 so you most likely will have to rely on other means of transport.
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    Default Rock and a Hard Place

    I'm sorry to tell you there really is no good way for you to do what you want.

    Its basically impossible for a non-resident to purchase a car and then get the necessary registration, license, and insurance without having a local Drivers License, and its impossible to get a local drivers license without being able to prove you actual live in the state.

    Being that you are under 21, renting a car is basically impossible too. Virtually no one will rent to someone who is 19, and the few places that do will charge a fee of about $50 per day per driver and they will not allow one way rentals across country.

    I wish we had better news for you, but trying to travel in the US when you are a non-resident under age 21 is just very very difficult.

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