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  1. Default Trip from Seattle, WA to St. Louis then to Las Vegas then back to Seattle...

    We are thinking to go from Seattle to Missoula, MT, then from Missoula, MT to Rapid City, SD, then to Sioux City, IA then to St. Louis (stopping 2 days here), then to Salina, KS, then to Grand Junction, CO then to Las Vegas (stopping 3 days here), NV then to Sacramento, CA then to Oakland, OR then to Seattle...Is there anything along this route that we should be aware of like snow through passes or the like. We are leaving 4/27 planning to be back by the 10th or 11th of May...although this is flexible...are the stops doable with two people driving? I have driven cross country many times but never in a huge loop like this :) I appreciate any help or tips anyone has...

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    Your trip looks perfectly possible, as long as you understand that you've got a trip where you aren't going to have much time for sightseeing. With the exception of your stops in St. Louis and Las Vegas, you really have a trip where you're going to be driving pretty much all day every day. If you don't mind driving about 10 hours every day, and you're ok with sightseeing being what you see out your car window as you drive by on the interstate, then you're in good shape. If you are hoping to stop at much anything for more than an hour or two on any given day, then you're going to start running into difficulty.

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