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    Any suggestions for a first time road trip. My husband and I are traveling with a 3 and 5 year old going from MN through CO to Las Cruces, NM; then grand canyon; then Rapid City SD; then home. It will be about a 2 week trip in mid August. Any ideas for must stop places along the way?


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    What's your reason for visiting Las Cruces? Its a long way from what would seem like the obvious stops, and it could put some limits on the amount of time you have to enjoy yourselves. You're looking at a pretty solid 7-8 full days on the road with your current miles, so you'll be on the road about as much time as you'll making stops.

    Of course there are a ton of things to do in the outline you've listed, the key will be deciding what thing are most important to you. If you're going through LC, then you might want to spend some time in the Tucson area. Santa Fe and Albuerque would be obvious places to spend a little time on the way down. Coming back you'd have even more choices - you could go up through Monument Valley, and Arches and then across Colorado - or you could go a bit more west to places like Zion, Bryce, or maybe even Yellowstone.

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