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    I am helping plan a RV trip for 2 adults on their honeymoon. They have 1-2 months for this adventure of a lifetime! Any ideas on top places to visit are appreciated.

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    Default What do they want ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forum !

    Are you a friend or an agent ? The first important step is to find out their interests and what they would consider to be a top attraction as you could ask 20 people for a top 20 and get 20 different answers. There is also a big difference between 4 and 8 weeks. At this stage I would look through the RTA pages for some inspiration and then sit down with the couple and a good map and discuss there interests, the type of trip they are after and make sure that the RV is what they really want. Some people tend to think of it as a budget option more than a lifestyle choice, where in reality it will cost more than a car and Motels. Great for the outdoors camping life with starry nights around the campfire, but how much time [if any] do they want to spend in Cities and would the RV be the best choice ?

    Once you have got some ideas underway and some dots on the map I am sure we can be of help, but you really need to do a little research first and let them have some input as the road trip is an individual thing, and with the whole country as a target there are endless amounts of options.

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    Ineresting comment? RV travel not cheaper than car and hotels? We are travelling in a deisel RV this summer and thought it would be cheaper having own accomomadions and food on board. How is it more expensive? Our last car trip, it seemed snacks , meals and hotels is where all the money went! Betty

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    RV travel is almost never cheaper.

    First, they suck down much more fuel. 8-10 mph vs. 20-30 mpg makes a very big difference over a long trip.

    Second, what you're saving in motels costs you are often spending at RV parks. A site with full hookups to take advantage of everything an RV has to offer is often going to cost as much as a cheap motel room. You can boondock sometimes to save money, but thinking you won't have any lodging costs isn't realistic for most trips.

    Third, obtaining an RV is much more expensive. An RV is going to cost much more than a car to rent, and the purchase and depreciation costs make them very expensive to own.

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