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    I am starting to plan a one week road trip for mid-June for me and my boyfriend. We aren't on too tight of a budget, as we really want to enjoy ourselves, any suggestions for a possible itinerary (I'm not sure if we should go north or south and as of now, we don't have any particular preference).

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    Default starting point

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With a week available, you could really go almost anywhere east of the Mississippi. I'm sorry, but with a couple thousand square miles to pick from and without knowing a single thing about what you might be interested in, there just is no way for anyone to have any itinerary suggestions for you.

    Once you've got a little better idea about what it is you'd like to do and a rough idea of a destination and direction, we'll be glad to help, but right now, you just don't have enough figured out for us to be of much help.

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    Default Plenty of ideas

    You could do a quick search on this forum for some general ideas about what you want to do - perhaps putting in some key words that relate to those things that you are interested in doing. Are you the types that like to have everything planned ahead of time, or would you be okay with meandering and just finding a place to stay as the mood fits? Are there any particular activities that you think would be "must dos" on your trip?

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    We are both very active and would like to take part in as many outdoor pursuits as possible. I started looking on the forum and saw some people mentioned Quebec. Obviously Quebec is not a part of the United States, but do you have any tips for traveling there? We are interested in white water rafting, ATVing, and some hiking to see the beautiful views that Quebec has to offer. I think it would be good to have a planned itinerary, as we only have a week!

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    Default New York? Québec?

    As you are well aware, 'New York' is both a state and a city. The same is true of Québec, except that it is a province and a city. So it's not entirely clear where you're coming from or where you're going to. But... You can start by looking at a loop trip that would start by heading for the Thousand Islands region of the upper St. Lawrence River. This is Ontario, not Québec, and so will help you get accustomed to being in a foreign country before encountering the additional language problems that Québec might entail. By the way, Canada IS a foreign country and passports are now required for all border crossings. Next head down river to Montréal. This is a very cosmopolitan city and as bilingual as any in Canada, so a good place to get your pieds wet. Finally, Québec City a bit farther down the St. Lawrence is the hearth of French Canada and its inhabitants will expect and may demand that you try to carry on your conversations in French at least to start. But it is also one of the most charmingly 'old world' cities in North America and well worth the effort. On your return to the States, look at coming down through Maine and checking out some of the white water rafting on the Kennebec and other rivers of the north woods. Flow in these rivers is controlled by dam releases, so you will need to contact outfitters before going to find out when good rafting will be available, but if you can time it right, it's a day long adventure and 'a wonderful experience. So, there's four 'destinations' to look into, and yes I agree that knowing what's available beforehand will help you ,make the most of your time on the road.


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