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    Default Planning a trip from Seattle to San Francisco on a motorcycle. Need advice.

    Hi All,

    I am new to this site but what I have read so far has been amazing. So great that like minded people can share thoughts about the open road.

    Long story short... I am flying from Baltimore to Seattle and getting on a Harley heading towards San Francisco. I will only have 4 or 5 days to make the trip on the bike. I am riding with my father and brother, and we are really just looking to get a mix of the Pacific North West. I would love to see some of the mountains and the redwoods, and definitely want to see the drive along the coast, but I don't want to do one or the other exclusively and don't know the areas well enough to adequately plan.

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. We don't need to do fancy things, or stay in famous places necessarily. I just want to have a great ride, see some beautiful scenery, and absorb the local culture.

    Anyone have any tips? Any roads that are more motorcycle friendly?


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    Default With Four Days for the Drive

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It should be easy enough to mix in a bit of all the things you're looking for, and bit more besides, in four days from Seattle to San Francisco. I think I'd start with a bot of 'outside the box' thinking and take the ferry over to Bremerton to start the trip and then use WA-3 to connect to US-101 south (north? - this is an odd piece of the road which has doubled back on itself by going around the Olympic Peninsula.) At Olympia (also easily reachable by I-5 from Seattle if you prefer Interstates) head west on WA-8 to US-101 south (for sure in this case) and enjoy the coast and the numerous wildlife refuges, Lewis and Clark historic sites and great state parks on the way down to Newport. Turn inland here and take US-20 to either I-5 or OR-99 (old US-99) which parallels it to Eugene. Take OR-58 further inland to US-97 south to OR-138 west and Crater Lake National Park. Ride the Rim Drive around the west side, exiting the park on OR-62 west to Medford and I-5 (north!) to Grant's Pass where US-199 will take you southwest and back to the coast in northern California for both Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and Redwoods National Park. From there, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH, US-101/CA-1) will follow some spectacular coast on down to Point Reyes National Seashore and set you up for entering San Francisco via the Golden State Bridge.


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    Thanks so much for the ideas.

    I mapped it out the other day, and it looks like a very managable 1200 miles. A really good mix of inland and coast.

    Thanks again.

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