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    Hi all

    My girlfriend and I are planning a road trip this summer and looking for some advice as we make our plans. We will be flying into New Orleans and out of Albuquerque roughly two weeks later (this may change to Denver, depending on budget/flight cost).

    We are into food, weird small towns, cool landscape (my girlfriend has never seen a desert). Big cities like Houston and Dallas arent really too high on our list but we do want to spend a bit of time in New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio and Santa Fe. Not really planning on any camping or anything but small hikes are fine.

    Should we stick to the south of Texas and then head north through New Mexico or should we cross into New Mexico after going up north to Amarillo? Would love some input on this and things to see/do along suggested routed in both states.

    Also looking for suggestions between New Orleans and San Antonio? Worth the detour to Galveston for the time we have?

    I realize there is a lot of distance for the amount of time we have and our plans are sort of vague but any help is appreciated.

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    I'd say that New Orleans, Austin, San Antonio and Santa Fe all qualify as very visitor/user friendly cities. I also think that if you're into small quirky towns and want to see some desert, I'd recommend the following route from San Antonio to Santa Fe: Start out by heading west on I-10 across the Texas high plains to Fart Stockton and there take US-285 north through Pecos and on into New Mexico. An interesting side trip would be to take TX-302 east from US-285 to the 'town' of Mentone. This is the county seat of Loving county. The entire county has a population of around 65, so other than the county courthouse, Mentone is essentially a ghost town - an odd combination. Returning to and continuing north on US-285 Carlsbad Caverns are a short detour via NM-396 and US-62. Return once again to US-285 via US-62 and next up is Roswell, NM, about as quirky a town as you can find with it's emphasis on UFOs and alien visitations. When you hit I-40 take that west to Albuquerque or continue north on US-285 to Santa Fe.


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    thank you sir! sounds perfect

    Anyone have suggestions between New Orleans and San Antonio?

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