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  1. Default New York to California. On a bike.

    This summer been planning cross country on my bike. I would be going solo unless i find someone from here till then that would tag along. Never been in the desert and want that to be the priority of the trip. Im thinking route 66 would be the safest and best route to take. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Too Many Unknowns

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, you simply haven't provided us enough information for us to offer you any useful information other than just random shots in the dark. For starters, we'd need to know where in California you're headed, how big is your bike, what sort of roads would you prefer taking, what your interests are, how much time you have, and any other parameters to your trip that you can provide. The one thing I can tell you is that US-66 doesn't exist anymore, and hasn't for about 25 years, so what is it about that former road that had you interested?


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    i have a Honda shadow. i'm interested mainly in seeing the western part of the USA, grand canyon, desert, possibly Las Vegas. Time-wise i have around 2 weeks for this trip. I want to take scenic routes of course, as well as safe routes.

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    Default One way or return ?

    Is this a one way trip or do you have to get back to New York in the allotted time ? Are you used to riding long distances ? If your main goal is to see some of the West I would personally take either I 80 or I 70 to Denver and then you will have many scenic route options through Colorado and/or Utah to Arizona and the Grand canyon and on to the Pacific. Depending on how "iron your butt" is I would have though getting to Denver would be at least a 4 day ride and then you could ease of a bit, that's if it is a one way trip.

    If you wanted to hit the Cali coast and possibly drive the PCH between SF and LA and return to NY on a different route then you are looking at a 6000 mile + trip and will be having to ride 430 odd miles a day, every day, not leaving you much time to hang around in any one place too long.

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    Return. How much would a ride like this cost? What would be the safest place to keep the bike at night?

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    There is a fuel cost calculator on this page - look at the top of the left sidebar. Figure about $100 a day for food and hotel rooms. Use your judgement and experience, but it's generally safe to park the bike overnight at a hotel/motel along major highways but not necessarily in large cities.

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