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  1. Default From san francisco to Miami in a month

    Hey everybody!

    We are going on our first roadtrip in october, and we are looking for some help from all you great people.!

    Our plan is to drive from san francisco to Miami.!
    Here is our properly very naive plan:

    4/10 Fly to new york
    5/10 new york
    6/10 new york
    7/10 new york
    8/10 fly to san francisco
    9/10 san francisco
    10/10 san francisco
    11/10 drive til LA via solvang
    12/10 LA
    13/10 drive to san diego
    14/10 drive to las vegas
    15/10 las vegas
    16/10 drive to flagstaff
    17/10 grand canyon
    18/10 drive to memphis
    19/10 memphis
    20/10 drive to nashville
    21/10 drive to new orleans
    22/10 new orleans
    23/10 drive to orlando
    24/10 orlando
    25/10 drive to Tampa
    26/10 Tampa (visting family in Tampa)
    27/10 drive to key west
    28/10 key west
    29/10 drive to miami
    30/10 miami
    31/10 Fly home to Denmark

    What do you say about this..?
    Any hint, tips or advise would be very helpful !!


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    I think you are underestimating distances in our country. I see a couple problems.

    1. You CAN drive from SF to LA in one (full) day via 101, but you will have very little time in Solvang and you won't have time to take the coast highway and see some really great scenery.

    2. Grand Canyon to Memphis is a THREE DAY drive.

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    then what would a better plan be? :S

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    Default More research.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It really is for you to decide what "the better plan is" to suit your needs and for us to try and point out where you need to adjust things [as glc has done above] and possibly a few things we can recommend along the way.

    What we don't have is an idea of your interests, other than a list of places and to drive from San Fran to Miami. I would recommend you get a good map of the US and do a little more research by using the RTA pages and as new questions arise, just ask, but for now I am not sure we can offer meaningful advice, other than to say that you shouldn't plan on covering more than 500-600 miles a day which will equate to 9 or 10 hours on the road with time for short breaks to eat, fill with gas etc when using main highway/Interstate.

    Have you considered doing your trip in 2 parts, East coast and then West coast and fly home ? You wouldn't see so much of the country but you will get to see more of the places you do visit.

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