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    Hey all,

    I am going to be returning home to Oklahoma by car from school after this school year. I should be leaving around June 11 and we are considering stopping for a music festival in Santa Rosa, CA. Obviously with the second I would drive south and take 40 to Oklahoma. But if I dont witch route do you recomend? Through the west and all the rockies( the way i drove here) or should I go through Cali/Nevada and take 40 west. It should be 2-3 college age students, any ideas on the way or places to stop? Thanks for any help?

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    How long do you have to take this trip? We'll be able to give you different things to see based on the time you have to get back to Oklahoma. There are endless amounts of national parks and other sites to see in the area of the rockies and we'll give you advice based on the time you have to get back to Oklahoma/

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It really isn't possible for us to know what routes might be best for you without knowing what your goals are. Are you hoping just to get back as quickly as possible, are there some things you are hoping to see, are you just looking for a different route than you took last time (and if so, what route did you take, as "the rockies" stretch over several thousand miles so knowing a few more details would be helpful.)

    Knowing if your destination is OK City or elsewhere in OK would also be helpful, but anyway you slice it, there are dozens of good potential options, but we'll need more info to help you determine what is "best"

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