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    Default philly to orlando!

    hey, so me a few friends are road-tripping to orlando in celebration of our graduation! we've never done anything like this and would appreciate any suggestions or tips!
    the trip is this may- we're leaving from philly and thinking of stopping over in savannah. any thoughts on cheap places there or fun things to do? (remember we're graduating and have no money..) we have a place to stay in orlando, but no real agenda- other than disney, what's fun to do there? thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Before anything else about your first RoadTrip, you have to come to terms with the limits imposed by your humanity. Philadelphia to Savannah is over 700 miles and well beyond the capacity of anyone to drive safely in a single day. The fact that there are a few of you might help, but even then you are pushing yourselves to the point that you will have ZERO time to see anything along the way. You'd just have to spend that entire day (about 13 hours when you factor in traffic, meals, gas stops, bathroom breaks, etc.) grinding out mile after mile on one of the most heavily traveled Interstates in the entire country. If you want to enjoy the trip and arrive in shape to have a good time in Orlando, plan on taking another day at least for the drive down. Besides Orlando, be sure to visit some of the Spring Break beach cities such as Daytona Beach, Fort Pierce and others. These are set up to cater to the college crowd and will be the most 'user friendly' for you. Also check the Kennedy Space Center to see if there will be any launches while you are in the area. These can be viewed for free from nearby beaches. I'm not sure if there is a charge for tours of the Space Center, but that's another thing to check out.


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    Default thanks!

    this all sounds like good advice (you're right, that is a long way to go in one day..)
    admittedly, i'm trying to get through finals before planning the details, i'm sure i'll have more specific questions when i get there.. anyhow thanks

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