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  1. Default Need help planning a roadtrip from Boulder, CO to Richmond, VA


    Im going to be driving with my husband from Boulder, CO to Richmond, VA. It looks like we will be driving through Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky and West Virginia. We are thinking of taking this trip in late May - early June and want to do it in 2-4 days. What are some of the best towns to stay in these states (cheap but decent!) and perhaps some touristy things to do? Thanks!


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    Default Three Days, Minimum

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    Making that drive in two days is simply not safe to do. With three days, you'll have to be pretty committed to some serious driving each day, over 550 miles a day despite losing an hour on two of those days to time zone changes. You would still have time for, and should take, some simple enjoyable time-outs. Overnight stops would have to be equally spaced and would be roughly Topeka, KS and Louisville, KY.

    If you can take four days for the journey, then you start to have time to actually visit a site or two. Major attractions on your route include Fort Hays and a couple of Pony Express Stations in Kansas, the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Mammoth Cave, KY with a short detour, and Monticello in Charlottesville, VA.


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    This is a 1700 mile drive and is doable in 3 full days, figure about 12 hours a day including food, fuel, and rest stops. If you want to do it in 3 days, your sightseeing will be through the windshield and you would take I-70 to STL, then I-64 the rest of the way. Overnight stops would be in the KC area and in the Louisville/Lexington area. The best hotels for the money will be outside of the cities at Interstate exits, downtown hotels are generally more pricey or in questionable areas. If you take 4 days, you could do some "touristy" things.

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