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  1. Default Planning to drive from Florida to NewYork

    We are planning a road trip from florida to newyork next month. Pls share any experiences or tips for this and which stops to take to make most out of the trip. This is my first road trip in the US..
    We have around 10 days only.( 21 may to 31 may)
    Since we are 4 people we are planning to rent an RV. I have no idea so far about the rates. If gets too expensive does it make sense to rent the RV one way and take a flight back.?

    many thanks,

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    Default rv expenses

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Generally speaking, an RV is not going to be a money saving option. You will pay more for the RV rental rate, fuel, and campground fees than you will will by renting a car and staying in motels.

    An RV also may not be a good choice if you are planning to spend most of your time in cities, having a large vehicle like an RV may make it rather difficult to get around and find parking. RVs are a lifestyle choice and they can be a lot of fun if you plan to spend most of your time in natural areas, but they aren't the best choice for every roadtrip.

    If gets too expensive does it make sense to rent the RV one way and take a flight back.?
    Your thinking is actually kind of backwards here. Renting an RV or a Car one way will increase your costs. In addition to the airline tickets, you'll also be looking at a one way drop fee which will add a few hundred dollars to the cost of your vehicle rental.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    An RV should really be a lifestyle choice and not one of budget, but with 4 people sharing the costs it will be quite comparable to the cost of renting a car and booking 2 rooms at reasonably priced Motels. If you are planning on spending time in City's then the RV isn't that "City friendly" but for open spaces and enjoying the lifestyle it's my favorite way of travelling in the US. To fly back would be an option but would almost certainly involve a one way drop off fee that could be $300 or more, plus the flights.

    This great list by AZBuck of things to do along the East coast should help you get started.

    [Basically what Michael said while I was still typing]
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    So true. Really appreciate all your help!.. Just called up the RV rentals after posting my query here. and exactly as you guys said its somewhere around 990 for 2 way and 1400 for a one way!! oops i was so grossly mistaken lol... and adds another 320 $ for 1000 miles...

    so overall i guess it makes sense to go by a car and stay in motels on the way.

    ideally how many miles should we travel per day to be able to also visit some places on the way. It would be great if you ll could suggest good places worth stopping at. Thanks so much.

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    I almost hate to tell you this, because of all the competition, but look here:

    $14.95 per day RV rental; Florida to New York; NO drop off fees

    The biggest catch is that they only give you 100 miles per day. But if you have the time, that's not a problem. Otherwise you'll be coughing up 40cents/mile for all the additional miles.

    ElMonte RV and Cruise America also have one-way specials.

    In September 2009, we took a Cruise America RV from Phoenix to Seattle ... 2400 miles with side trips. $24 per day. With Cruise America one way specials, you get lots of miles but a short time frame. Extra days were at full price.

    Gas? We averaged 8-10 mpg depending on how much mountain driving we did.

    Good luck. The deals are out there if you're flexible.

    By the way. A lot of foreign visitors grossly miscalculate the size of our country. It can take many hours just to cross one state. Miami to New York is 1300 miles. And that's without any side trips. That's about 26 hours of driving when you factor in stopping for food and gas. And you probably won't want to go faster than 55 or 60 mph because these rental RVs ride like trucks (which they are).

    I think the Florida Keys are the best sights in Florida. It is well over 100 miles from one island to the other, until you get to Key West. If you want to do something really amazing, take the 3 hour "ferry" from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park. It's not cheap, but it's worth it. During your 4-5 hour stay, you'll tour a fantastic brick fort and also get to go snorkeling in crystal-clear water. Even better, if you have access to camping gear, you can camp on the island. It is simply wonderful. Here are some links.

    If you decide to go to Florida, let me know and I'll give you some more suggestions.
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