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    I am an up-and-coming high school graduate who just began planning a road trip. I am in the earliest possible stages of planning, and thought that the best place to begin would be among experienced road trippers. We are coming out of central Florida, and my only solid goal is to visit California. Being on a high school budget (hoping for a little bit of graduation cash), I am not prepared for the high life, but looking for more of the American scenery. Finding youth hostels, friends, relatives, gas station sink-showers, and lots of peanut butter will be essential to budgeting, seeing as the majority of cash will most likely be gas money, but money will hopefully not be a problem. I plan on a 2-4 week trip, having few obligations until fall, so we are open for any suggestions on any small stops between the east and west coast, wanting to see anything notable. Thanks alot for any and all help.

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    If you're counting on living on peanut butter and staying free with friends and such, then money is a problem. You're probably looking at something like $800 for gas for the round trip (minimum) and $10-15/person/day to eat (again - minimum) and even a low end legal camp site will run about $20. Youth hostels are not really a budget alternative once you have three or more people, because they charge per person whereas motels and campgrounds charge per room/site. Bottom line is that I would think you should have in the neighborhood of $3000 between 4 of you to make this work, even on the cheap.


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