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    Default Campsite availability in Death Valley this weekend

    This Saturday I'm looking forward to my first camping trip in Death Valley.

    I recently found out that from Saturday will begin National Parks Week (with free admission). Will Furance Creek, Texas Spring, and Sunset Campgrounds likely be packed?

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    Default Fingers crossed.

    It is a strong possibility that it will be busy with the promotion and the fact it is a weekend. I am not sure how the camping demands are but this link has a whole list of campgrounds.

    Good luck and have a great trip !

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    We found a decent site in Furnace Creek when we arrived around noon, and by 9:00 PM or so it seemed full. There were still cars pulling in late at night to look. Sunset and Texas Spring campgrounds are closed from mid-April to October, so it really cuts down on the possibilities.

    BTW, gas is about $1 per gallon higher in Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells than it is in urban areas. Top off in Vegas if you're heading to San Francisco or in Lone Pine if you're heading to Vegas.

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