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    My wife and 3 kids (13,11,7) and I will be driving from Long Island to Napa California in 5 days for a wedding. Then we have about 2 weeks to get back. Google is sending me on I(-80 to get there quickly. Does anybody have any suggestions for the ride back?

    Thanks- Chris

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The best part of 3 thousand miles in 5 days is doable, but that's going to be tough on everyone, especially the kids as being in the car for 10 or 11 hours a day is going to get tedious for them. An extra day or 2 would make all the difference and if it's possible to swap some of your time around and have slightly less time on the way back I would consider it. I am not sure if you would be in the right frame of mind to fully enjoy the celebrations either if the wedding is on "day6".

    Coming home would leave you open to many options depending on your interests, but heading through Yosemite, Death valley and Vegas to the Grand canyon and then either I 40 East or up into Utah and Colorado and hooking up with 1 70 would be good options. Have a look at a map and around the forums for things that might appeal and when you have some dots on the map let us know.

  3. Default Grand Canyon camping

    Does anyone know of any places in/around the Grand Canyon with inexpensive cabins. How about campsites that would set up or rent the tent to you. I will be driving out west this summer and would consider camping a few nights but don't want to have to lug all the equipment with me. Thanks
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