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  1. Default Road Trip from coast to coast (NY to SF) Portuguese guys


    I'm from Portugal and already done my share of traveling around Europe via train, and me and some buddies are planning a road trip from coast to coast, starting in late Jully, and ending in late august to visit the great USA.

    We plan to leave Lisbon and arrive at NY in jully 24 at 8 pm, after that, we plan to hit Washington DC, the grand canyon, las vegas and end it in s. francisco were we get the plane back in the 20th of august. Those are some of the mandatory places we want to pass trough, but on the way from washington to the grand canyon we simple don't know were to go. I would like to see the Yellowstone national park, take some routes in famous deserted landscapes, and see as well some of the magnificent forests and waterfalls (niagara).

    Do you experienced american travelers think 3 weeks and a half is enough for sightseeing? And if so, what are the best routes taking in consideration what i want to see? Should we go by north? South? I acknowledge my ignorance and would require some help, if possible, to get the most out of this trip.

    Thank you, and looking forward for it. ;)

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    Default Working as a group.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It's possible to cross the country in 5 or 6 long days so with 3 weeks and a half you will have time to do some sight seeing along the way, but there are literally thousands of attractions that you could consider visiting.

    I think your best course of action would be to look at a good map of the USA and use the RTA pages to read up on different routes and places that might appeal to you and your groups interests, as there is no one "best route".

    Once you have done a little more research, sat down and discussed what you each want from the trip and put a few more dots on the map let us know and we can then start making some meaningful suggestions.

    You could try the compatibility test with your travel buddies as a fun way to get discussions under way.

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    Default Choices Will (Probably) Have to be Made

    Bem-Vindi! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Three weeks is a good amount of time for a one-way journey across the U.S., and you can probably see much of what you have listed. But not everything. Remember that the U.S. and Europe are roughly the same size, and you certainly wouldn't expect to be able to see each and every sight in Europe in just three weeks. However, if you're willing to forego Yellowstone, everything else on your list is possible. You could easily spend a week in the New York to Niagara to Washington area, but a few days will suffice to see the highlights. Then you should probably do a bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway heading southwest in Virginia to I-64 west past Mammoth Cave to St. Louis. From there, I'd suggest a combination of Interstate 70 for speed and some US Highways such as US-24 and US-36 for some wide open prairies to Denver, Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park. Cross the Rockies on I-70 and than head south in eastern Utah on US-191 through Arches National Park and Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Then,depending on how much time you have left, you can either just take I-15/CA-58/I-5 around the Sierra Nevada to the south and into San Francisco or the more leisurely route through Death Valley, over Tioga Pass, and through Yosemite.


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    Thank you both for the swift reply!

    You guys are right, i don’t intend to see everything, just get a sight at it and feel the air.

    The reason i asked for places to see is because i find it hard to come across good info on sightseeing spots on the web. I'm thinking of buying (or downloading) a book and pinpointing all the things we want to see that appear feasible. After that i might just ask here again what are the best routes. As you can image, not living in the US makes it hard to not dread making the wrong choices regarding routes.

    I dont mind ignoring Yellowstone as long as i get to take a glance at the rest. As i said, we consider those places mandatory, and between them would love to do as much landscape sightseeing as we can get (again, forests, mountains, desert etc.).The USA itself is a continent, and has tons of natural beauty that we want to savor.

    We are constantly bombarded with information from the USA, that one can’t manage to make a trip like this and don’t see the "cliché" sites everyone sees on "tv". Even if you don’t want it, you can’t avoid it.

    AZbuck, im going to save your route. Some of the places you mentioned sound very familiar and i did some google search, they look awsome!

    PS: Almost got it, its "bem vindo" though i believe it was a typo:P

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    Hi again guys!

    As the day of departure becomes closer, me and the fellows have come up of what we want to see. Though i don’t entirely agree, i feel obligated by peer pressure to ask you if what we chosen is feasible. So, we arrive at 24 Jul at NYC, and depart at 27 (spend two whole days in NY) to pass by Niagara, washington DC, mount rushmore, yellowstone, then down to the rocky mountains, monument valley, grand canyon, las vegas through death valley (plan to spend a couple of days in LV), and end it in san francisco at day 20 of August. We depart back to portugal at the 21.
    Is this in anyway possible? I think 23/24 days seem quite tight, and not going to yellowstone and mount rushmore would give us some time to enjoy the rest.

    What is your opinion? Thank you!

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    Default It's possible.

    Hi, welcome back.

    What you describe is something in the region of a 5000 mile journey, so yes it can be done but you are right in thinking that it is going to be quite tight, or at least fairly busy. If you spent half your time driving and the other half sight seeing it would equate to roughly driving 9 hours a day for 10 days of the trip. It doesn't sound to bad, but the spare time doesn't actually leave you a lot of time at the places you are visiting, but should give you an overview of these vast areas.

    I would head to Washington and then Niagra before heading West and when you leave Death valley head up 395 to Mono lake and spend some time in Yosemite on route to SF.

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