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    Default Scared to go back!! Help

    I am currently on the Olympic Peninsula, I am traveling with 2 kids ages 11 & 7.
    We came here across I-10 and Up I-5...Going over Mt. Shasta and the Siskyou Pass on I-5
    was thew MOST terrifying thing to me.My question is, how do I get to the flat part of the US without going back over that! I can take ANY route execpt in Canada as I do not have a passport!
    Open to all and any suggestions! Thanks

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    Default Need more info...

    Where in particular are you heading, and how much time are you willing to spend?

    I assume your issue was with snow on I5 over the Siskiyous?

    You could cut over to the Oregon coast from the Portland area, and follow US101 into the Bay Area. From the Olympic Peninsula on this routing it would probably take a minimum of 3 days to reach SF, as the road along the coast is not superhighway.

    From the Bay Area you can bounce over to I5 over the Tejon Pass into the LA Basin to pick up I10. Not a large chance of snow over the Grapevine this time of year.

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