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    Hi there, we are driving from San Francisco to Miami in a couple of weeks. Our goal is to drive ~8 hours a day and get there as soon as possible. Aside from plugging addresses into mapquest or google maps, where else can we get info on the best path for this route? Has anyone on this forum made the drive, or a similar drive?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You're looking at a trip that's just a touch over 3000 miles, so you're looking at a 6 day drive if you are sticking to the freeways for the most part.

    Your route options pretty much involve going up through Florida, then taking I-10 or I-40 across to I-5 up through California. Either way you go is going to be almost the same distance (within 100 miles of each other) and on a trip like this, that's really not noticable - since traffic, construction, etc can all pretty easily equalize a difference that small.

    Google and Mapquest are as good as any method for giving you the shortest/fastest route options -just don't assume their travel times are realistic, they tend to overestimate on long distance trips like this by at least 20%. Using what they work with, and then using paper maps to look at your other options and using the drag/drop feature can help you play and customize the trip to your liking.

    As far as the difference between the I-10 and I-40, you'll be looking at different scenery and cities, but I-10 does have the disadvantage of going through traffic tough spots of Houston, Tucson/Phoenix, and Los Angeles - but it does have an 80 mph speed limit in the very rural West Texas. I'd probably lean towards heading up to I-40 via Shreveport, Dallas, and Amarillo, but again the differences are likely to be small - and if I were you I'd focus more on the things you might want to see or do along the way - even if they are only short breaks from the road.

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    Fastest route FROM San Francisco TO Miami is:

    US-101/CA-152/I-5/I-210/CA-57/I-10/TX-1604/I-10/I-12/I-10/I-75/Florida Turnpike/I-95. This is a 6 day drive with overnights around:

    Indio/Blythe CA
    Deming NM
    Kerrville TX
    Lake Charles/Lafayette LA
    Tallahassee FL

    Another option to avoid the LA/Phoenix/Tucson/San Antonio/Houston metros, but going through DFW is:


    This would make the overnights:

    Needles CA
    Albuquerque NM
    Wichita Falls TX
    Vicksburg MS
    Tallahassee FL

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