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    Default 10000 mile road trip

    Hi everyone
    A friend and i are planning a trip round the states visiting as much as possible along the way hopefully early august for 30 days. Starting in New York, travelling south to florida then north west onto yellowstone park then south to Las Vegas onto L.A. Then heading north to washington then east basically all the way back to New York. We will be camping mostly. We,re just trying to cover everything in one go lol. We know most of the major attractions but need help with a few things as it will be our 1st visit to the states.

    A few questions for you guys.

    Q1 Is this possible in the timeframe given?
    Q2 Could anyone gives us ideas on good camping areas along these routes?
    Q3 Is there any spots, roads etc along these routes that anyone could recommend visiting?
    Q4 Any no go areas?

    This is my 1st ever post so bear with me please lol and thanks for any advice given.

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    Default My, What Big Eyes You Have

    Ceud měle fŕilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, Yes, It's possible to do 10,000 miles in 30 days as long as you keep moving and don't spend longer than a day (more typically, a few hours) in any one place. But you can be a bit more efficient in your routing. Try doing a 'once around' rather than zigzagging north and south. Basically go from New York to Florida (Washington, beaches, a bit of history) then head west (New Orleans, Houston, Carlsbad, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles), then north (Big Sur, San Francisco, Redwoods, Crater Lake, Mount Ranier), and finally back east (Snake River, Yellowstone, Badlands, Chicago, Great Lakes, Niagara). That will save you a few miles while still seeing some of the best America has to offer.

    Probably your cheapest and most prevalent camping options will be state parks. Each state along your route will have a website devoted to their own parks - you'll just have to check them out. National Forests are another great option and if you're willing to camp in the backwoods with no amenities whatsoever, many of them offer distributed or dispersed camping, free! National Parks also have campgrounds, but these tend to be a bit more expensive, and those at the more popular parks such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone, are possibly already booked solid for the peak season when you'll be traveling. Finally, there are commercial campgrounds such as KOA and Jellystone.

    What to see and what to avoid is entirely up to you. I will point out that my first visit to the United Kingdom was in 1972 to Belfast, hardly what anyone would have recommended. Indeed, I suspect it would have been on most people's "no go" list. But I had a great time despite a few 'incidents'. Your best bet is to get a good map or atlas of the United States, mark out the general route I suggested and start seeing what's along it. You'll need to plan on keeping up a pretty steady pace of around 300 miles a day, but that would leave many hours each day to get out of the car, explore, talk to people, and just have a great time.


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    yeah did originally consider the route you gave and seeing as you gave me a great list of places i might just do that. We were planning on just a cpl of days max at each destination depending on what it had to offer e.g hoover dam ( drive across it take a cpl of photos and onto the next stop). Id like to spend more time at the national parks being a bit of a wildlife lover but i understand that might not be possible and my friends wanting a couple of days at least in new york so might need to add a cpl of days onto the journey.
    One more question..were looking at a budget of around $100 a day, do u think thats a sufficient amount? we will camp wild if need be as we do it alot in scotland (without the grizzlies etc lol)

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    Default Depends on What It Has to Cover

    $100 a day will NOT cover the cost of a rental car, lodging/camping, food, gas, admissions and incidentals for two people. If that's $100/day each ($200/day) and the car hire is taken care of outside of that, then you'll be in pretty good shape. My guess is that you're probably somewhere between those two. Note that if both you and your friend are between 21 and 24, you could be hit with around $50/day just in 'underage' driver surcharges alone. And while petrol is cheap (by British standards anyway) you will be using a lot of it - $45/day or so.


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    sorry about the lack of info there AZ, $100 each is for basically food and fuel etc not the rental of the car and we will be both 32 when we go so it should be ok then. wow $50 a day in petrol thats fantastic lol. that would get me to glasgow and back (about 60 miles).
    Thanks for your help AZ and rapid response.

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