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  1. Default Im 21, female, from england and want to roadtrip round america on my own- am I crazy?

    I was meant to be going to America with my friend but now she cant afford to so Im meeting her in Cancun Mexico at the end of July. However I have 4 weeks to fill before that and I still really wanna roadtrip round southern America states such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Louisana. I was going to get a flight to Miami then rent a car and drive through all these states and then drop the car off in Austin, Texas and then fly from there to Cancun to meet my friend.

    Ive never been to America before, Im quite attractive and im really small and so Im definately a target for weridos. Im really scared do you think I should do it?

    O and Im even going to have fun on my own... The reason I wanna go southern america is going to little country bars and checking out the music in Austin and meeting people but if I'm own my own would it be safe for me to do that?

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    We have many solo, and female travellers who ask this question with the same concerns but by using your "built in radar" as you do at home should keep you safe from trouble. Rely on your instincts and if a place doesn't feel quite right move on. One of our regular members "LifeMagician" from Australia is a lone female traveller and has done extended road trips without problems but I would take a cautious approach when visiting bars etc.

    I don't know if you have looked into car rentals yet, but being 21 years old is likely to incur some hefty "young driver" fees plus a one way drop of charge, which is going to call for a big budget.

    Take a look around the forums and road trip planning pages where you can find everything there is to know about road tipping and if you have some more questions just ask.

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    I agree that the main you should be concerned about would be the "country bars". I'm not sure what your idea of a country bar is, but in a lot of those places you'll be immediately pegged as a newcomer and as a lone female. The things you've likely seen in movies about rural bars in America are vastly exaggerated, though. Most of the people in these small towns are good, friendly folks. There are weirdos everywhere, though.

    You might ask the staff at your hotels/motels for places that would be safe. Those people will be locals and will know where you would be safe. For example, on a business trip in Morgan City, LA I asked the desk clerk if he could recommend a place for me to get a drink and his reply was simply "Don't go the bars. Your accent is wrong," and I'm a 27 year old guy from a different part of Louisiana. That said, the towns closer to the interstate are much more welcoming.

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    I dont think your crazy but dont be posting on any sort of internet thing where you are staying for the night or where you are, all alone you may attract someone to come find you. My road trip with just two girls camping and living in our van all over the country really restored my faith in humanity everyone was so helpful and nice but it was easier to trust people having a friend with me. So be smart and dot be giving as much info online

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