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    My family of 5 (my wife, 10 and 8 year old daughters and 6 year old son) are planning a trip to West Yellowstone Montana via I-15. We need some ideas on route info. Our plan of attack so far is drive from LA to Provo, UT (10 - 12 hr trip YIKES). Stay there for 2 nights and see the Dinosaur Museum which is nearby. Then head straight into West Yellowstone and stay for 6 days. Then on the way home we were going to stop at Salt Lake City for 2 nights then over to Hurricane Utah (near Zion NP) for another 2 nights. Then travel back home.

    We are a little reluctant on the first 12 hour trip. We also aren't quite sure about any of the campgrounds we found yet. Having a real hard time finding good ones through the internet. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    LA-Provo is 650 miles, just a bit much for one day - and not a good way to start a trip. You will be quite tired the next day, at least you are planning on downtime the next day. If you plan on camping in Provo that makes it even worse because of the setup time. Any chance you could get another half a day, leave LA in midday, and spend a night in Las Vegas on the way to Provo?

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    So far we are going to make our trip as planned;
    Stop #1 @ Provo, UT and stay at the Lakeside Rv Campground from June 3rd to 5th. Maybe check out the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving point and there local Cabelas store.
    Stop #2 @ West Yellowstone, MT and stay at the KOA from June 5th to 11th. Not quite sure if we are going to be in this one location for too long. Is there enough things to drive and see that is fairly close to this KOA to keep us active for 6 days???
    Stop #4 @ Salt Lake City and stay at the KOA from June 11th to 13th. Maybe see the Mormon tabernacle. We are not mormon so not sure if this would be worth while or not. Any other "must sees" near SLC???
    Stop #5 @ Hurricane, UT and stay at the WillowWind RV park from the 13th to the 15th. It says it is close to the Zion NP. So we are going to plan on driving our truck into Zion on the 14th and explore.

    If anyone has any points of interest that I cannot miss please help me out. I want to make this trip memorable since it is not very often we are able to get away so far. I have read other blogs about stopping at the "Tree of Utah" and plan on putting that in our GPS as well.

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    Default National park camping?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Are you travelling by RV ? If so I would have thought your first day of travel will be 12 hours plus and personally I think your trip would get off to a better start by not pushing so far, a half day extra would not take away much from your time in Provo/Yellowstone and would be much easier on the whole family. Have you considered stopping at Zion on the way up for a shorter first leg ?

    It might be to late already as they get booked up, but have you considered the National park campgrounds ? The one at Zion NP is called the Watchman campground and is just inside the park entrance and close to the free shuttle buses that take you into the canyon and the lovely town of Springdale. There is also a nice RV resort at Virgin which is a little closer to Zion than Hurricane and is called "Zion river resort RV park".

    Another thing I would consider would be to take a night from elsewhere and spend a night at Bryce canyon. especially

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