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    Hello everybody,

    We are a spanish couple, we're living in the states for one year and we're planning a short trip for next may. We are going to rent a car and we would like to make a trip for three days from N. Orleans (we have to come back again to NO to take the plain), and we would like to know if you can suggest a round trip. We are specially interesting in visiting nice typical southern towns and also some special natural areas (Beaches?, Missisipi Delta?...) we really appreciate any help. Thanks so much

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    Default A Three Day Loop From New Orleans

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    It actually won't be difficult at all to incorporate some great natural beauty and some 'typical' Southern towns In a three day RoadTrip starting with New Orleans itself. Head west initially and follow the byways of the Creole Nature Trail , and then take US-165/LA-28/US-84 to Natchez. From there, take a short drive on the Natchez Trace Parkway to Jackson, MS, the state capitol before using US-49/US-98 down to Mobile, AL. Finally return to New Orleans along US-90 and the Gulf Islands National Seashore.


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