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  1. Default New married Swedes driving through USA summer 2010, any suggestions are welcome

    Me and my girlfriend are getting married in July and we are planning to go on honeymoon for 8 weeks.

    We will start att Hawaii for 2-3 week and the fly to San Francisco.

    Our "planned" route (just started) are to go from San Francisco down the coast and the drive through USA ending up in Florda and be there in about 2 weeks. The plan is to drive in the south parts of USA.

    Things we´ve decided to see so far are Las Veges, Grand Canyon, New Orleans.

    Any suggestions on road choices, places to see, places to stay and other "must see" are welcome.



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    Default A little way to go.

    Hello, congratulations and welcome to the RTA forums !

    One common thing you will notice around here is that we don't do "must see" as we believe the road trip and people's tastes are an individual thing. With a trip of this duration and distance there are thousands upon thousands of options and just too many to start making meaningful suggestions at this stage, even if we knew what your interests were. [which we don't]

    You have a good start in your planning so I would keep researching with the aid of a good map and by searching all the RTA pages for ideas and put a few more dots on the map. When you have done so and you have more specific questions then please ask as we can be of far more use to you then.

    Enjoy the planning !

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