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    Hi all,

    We're going LA to Miami in June and most of the trip is settled but there are couple of options around Las Vegas we can't decide on. These are:

    1 - LA to Vegas - direct or via Death Valley?
    2 - Vegas to Grand Canyon. We're staying at Jacob Lake on the north rim but I'd really like to do the Routee 66 section through Seligman so is it feasible to drive from Vegas to Jacob Lake via the south side of Grand Canyon or should we stick to our original plan and just go round the north? We need to do Vegas to Jacob lake in one day.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    1 - Death Valley certainly is a great place and could be included as part of a trip between LA and LV, however, knowing nothing about what's going into your decision making process, I couldn't begin to say if its something you should or shouldn't do.

    2 - The south rim really isn't possible based on your need to get to Jacob Lake in one day, especially not if you want to visit any part of route 66. You'd be looking at 12 hours on the road - before you've even spent a minute stopping to enjoy yourselves at the south rim or along route 66, and that's not including traveling to the north rim (another hour each way). As it is, you're already looking at 6-7 hours of driving to go to the North Rim and back to Jacob Lake. I'd use all the available time you have that day at the North Rim. Or if you've got the option of visiting the Canyon the next day, you might look at stopping at Zion NP as you make your way to Jacob Lake, but doing both Zion and the North Rim in the same day would be too much.

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    Thanks for the feedback - I thought that may be the case...oh well, have to do the route 66 bit on another trip!

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