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    My wife and I are considering taking a 3 week, and possibly 4 week, trip this August. We will be driving from the Southeast, and want to get to Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming. We are renting a SUV, and are planning to camp a few nights, sleep in the car a few nights, and stay in motels or lodges the rest of the time.

    I would appreciate any ideas anyone has on what we should try to do with the likely 3 week time frame. Also, I've heard rivers in Montana are low during August. Is that true? We would like to try to do some canoeing and white water rafting.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    For general, not to say eclectic, ideas on what to see and do in each of the states you'll be traveling to and through, check out these lists. And yes, the high plains get relatively little precipitation year round and the rivers are highest in the spring as they are fed by the runoff of snow melt from the Rockies, and loser in the heat of August. You should check with local outfitters to see which rivers are affected and how much. Note that some conditions will be very limited in both timing and extent as river flow volumes can be controlled by opening and closing dam gates.


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    Take a look at my two week trip last year through most of what you plan to travel. I don't do rafting or canoeing, but I do like waterfalls and such. You can view my journal by searching for "Two Week Driving Trip through the Northwest" online. You will also see how I scope out my itinerary for good sights and stops.

    With 4 weeks, you should go to Yellowstone, Glacier, Colorado Monument and Dinosaur National parks, too. And if your over in Western Colorado anyway, don't pass up the drive over to Moab, Utah and all the parks there.

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    Thanks everyone - I appreciate your help. I will be back with more questions I'm sure after I do some more research and nail down more particulars.

  5. Default Time to spend in national parks?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how much time my wife and I should allot to spend in each of the national parks we visit this summer? We both are novice hikers - we like to do it, but we certainly are not "backpackers". For example, how long should we plan to spend at Yellowstone? I have in my mind 1 day - is this enough time?
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    There is not a one sized fits all answer to this sort of question. It depends upon the specific parks you'll be visiting, the time you have available, and what you want to see.

    I will say that Yellowstone is one of the largest national parks with the most things to see and do, so if you're only planning to spend one day here, I'm curious as to how little time you are thinking about spending in other parks and how you came to the conclusion that thats all the time you'd need. If you were doing a trip where you were passing through and only had a day available, you could have a nice time, but if your goal is to explore the west for 3-4 weeks, planning to just spend a day in Yellowstone seems like a rather odd choice.

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