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    Hey, Im an australian and im planning to travel from LA to vegas by car in late december. it may sound corny but we do wanna try rent a used old cadillac convertible or similar that we can drop off in vegas. does anyone know of a company that does that?
    thanks Darren.

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    Default A quick search.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A quick google search through up some possibilities such as this company that does classics and appears to do drop offs in Vegas so I would start by hunting around to see what's on offer, but I would expect you will have to pay quite a premium to meet your goal.

    It's not impossible but unlikely you will get a first hand recommendation for another member as there is only a small number of regular contributors to the site so good luck with your search.

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    Default why it doesn't work

    There are a few companies that do this sort of thing - and lucky for you, they're pretty much all based out of LA, and if they do one way rentals at all, it will only be to Vegas or maybe SF.

    However, there is an extreme premium for renting these cars. The are very much in the same category and price range of renting an exotic sports car. As you'll see in the site Dave linked to, you're looking at $700 a day for a base rental charge with only 50 miles included, and 50 cents a mile for every mile thereafter. So you're looking at a minimum of $800 (plus tax) just for a one day rental. You actually could rent a new Porsche for less money!

    The reality is that classic cars just can't be profitable as rentals without these extremely high rental fees. The cost to obtain, restore, and then maintain these cars for a rental fleet is just too high. The repairs are expensive, the parts are hard to find, not to mention many of these cars were never really built to go more than 100k miles anyway, and to be used as a rental, they need to be in near perfect condition. That's why they just don't work for the average person looking to rent a car for a roadtrip.

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