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    Am planning a 2 week road trip starting and ending in San Francisco in May this year. Wanted to if possible do SF to Yosemite to Death Valley to Vegas (spending 2 nights in Vegas) and back via Tahoe - is this fesiable and how long does it take to get between the various places and any good suggestions of places to stay?

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The outline you have laid out is certainly feasible within the two weeks you have, but rather than going back on yourself to Tahoe, a loop North and South and include the coastal highway would be a popular choice. To do this you could spend a couple of nights going around Big Sur on the Pacific coast highway towards Morro bay and then cut inland to Vegas and then Death valley > Yosemite > Tahoe >San Fran [possibly through Napa valley].

    You don't say when in May you will be travelling but there are two reasons for routing that way around, one is, when heading down the coast the great ocean views and pullouts will be on your side of the road and secondly, the later you reach Yosemite the more chance of the Tioga pass [CA120] being open that is affected by winter snow accumulation and can remain closed into June, but your chances improve after the middle of May. If Tioga was closed it would just be a matter of going to Tahoe first and coming back down the West side of the Sierra's to Yosemite.

    A trip to the Grand canyon is even a possibility but that will depend on the pace you want to set yourself, take a look at these threads on the area and you will find many more by searching the forums.

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    I arrive in SF on 6th May - going to stay that eve in SF and then head out lunchtimeish on the Friday. Going down the coast sounds good! Is there a good website which says which routes to take and how long it takes? If we leave SF on the Friday when would be expect to get to Vegas? Then on the way back is it best to spend one night in each of Death Valley, Yosemite and Tahoe? Want to try and get back to SF on the afternoon/eve of Monday 17th if possible? Thanks again!

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    There is no one website that's going to magically do all the work of planning and picking routes for you. This site can be of tremendous help in assisting you as you plan your own trip, but you need to do some of the work.

    The threads linked to above in Dave's post contain tons of information in the area of your planned trip and will help you answer most of the questions you have. And it should also be noted that those threads are just a few of the thousands of posts that are in already in existence on this forum talking about a SF-LV loop trip, so searching a little more will result in even more ideas and answers.

    Certainly all of what you are talking about doing is possible, but you need to read up and learn about this area so you can best build a trip that's going to be most suited for your own goals. Once you've got the basics down -with help from the information we've already provided- then we can help you polish up the details.

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