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    Hello everyone,

    Good website with loads of useful advice which I now want to tap into :-)

    A friend and I are hiring motorcycles in early October to do a mini "Wild Hogs" road trip around Vegas. We have no experience of the area and want to cram in as much as possible. The trip is about the journey and the bikes as much as the sights so lots of interesting road miles is not a problem. On our hit list at the moment is ET highway, death Valley, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Zion national park. We have two nights in Vegas itself (1st and last) but neither of us are big gamblers (or into the shows) so that should be fine. We have 5 days and were planning around 250 to 300 miles a day. Would really appreciate any advice or comments you can give! In particular, where are the good places to stay/visit outside Vegas that have a reasonable bar scene without being really busy. We want to leave the trip fairly open without booking hotels/motels other than in Vegas but will this be a problem if we want to stay in Death Valley? (Furnace Creek?). Our initial thoughts on the route are Las Vegas - ET Highway - Death Valley - Mojave Desert - London Bridge? - Flagstaff - Grand Canyon - Page - Zion - Hoover Dam - Las Vegas; about 1500 miles I think. This is a lot so we may drop London Bridge and ET Highway as these were later thoughts.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It is just possible to cover nearly all the places you mentioned in 5 days while only riding 250 miles a day or so, but you will have to be efficient about choosing a route. One that works is to leave Las Vegas and take US-93 south across Hoover Dam to Kingman. I'd skip London Bridge unless you're into fake British kitsch (yes, even the kitsch is ersatz) and instead take AZ-66 through Peach Springs to Seligman. This is the longest remaining stretch of old Route 66 and should be a great ride. Williams would be your first night's stop. The next day would take you north on AZ-64 through Grand Canyon National Park to Cameron and north on US-89 to Page, your second night's stop. Day three would have you continuing on US-89 through Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and UT-9 through Zion with an overnight at St. George. Your final two days will be the longest (but still less than 300 miles) since there will be less reason to stop. There is pretty much nothing besides the Little A'Le'Inn along the Estraterrestrial Highway. Some would say there is nothing, and that's why Nellis AFB and Area 51 are there. Rest up for the evening in Tonopah. Your last day would be the ride through Death Valley leaving US-95 south and entering the park by way of NV-267, North Highway in the park, and CA-190 through Furnace Springs. At the junction with CA-127, pick up Ash Meadows Road for the 'local's route' back to Las Vegas through Parhump. And although I've described this as a counter-clockwise loop, you can of course take it the other way round. With the possible exception of St. George, each of the towns I suggested for your overnight stays should offer the kind of relatively quiet night life you're looking for.


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    Brilliant, thanks AZBuck.

    We are both from around London so thought London Bridge might be fun to visit but it did look like a long way just to look at an old bridge. Be good to do some of Route 66 and I appreciate your advice on stop overs.


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