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  1. Default LA to LA via las vegas and san francisco

    hi looking for some help and advice.
    i am planning to drive between the above cities in march/april 2011.(long time away but i like to plan)
    there are 9 peaple in the party with ages from 11 to 63.
    would like to spend 3 nights in LA at start of trip 3 nights in vegas and 2/3 nights SF.
    would be really greatfull of any tips on planning the route and places to stay and visit.
    as you may guess i have never planned a road trip before so need help
    hoping to make the trip around 14/15 nights
    many thanks in advance

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    Default ideas and more

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The good news is that the basic trip you are talking about is far and away the most discussed trip idea on this forum, so your best bet really will be just to spend some time looking at the hundreds of other threads on the subject, which will provide thousands of ideas. These threads will be a great starting point for you.

    The other thing you'll really have to think about is the logistics of traveling with such a large group. 9 people means you'll likely need to get at least 2 if not 3 cars, and when you're staying in hotels, you'll also be looking at 2-3 rooms. Sometimes RVs can be a good option for a large group, but even there, 8 people is usually about the max capacity even for a very large vehicle, and since you want to focus a lot of your time on cities, it might not be a great choice anyway.

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    Default Tioga pass.

    Michael has pointed you in the right direction to get some good info on the area but the main thing you will need to know is that the popular route you will find from Vegas to San Fran via Death valley and Yosemite over Tioga pass will not be an option as the mountain pass will still be closed due to winter snow accumulation. It is still very possible to enjoy Death valley and Yosemite valley, it just means you will have to travel either North to Tahoe or South to Bakersfield to get around the Sierras. With 8 days in the City's and 6 remaining you could spend a night in, or close to DV and a couple in Yosemite and enjoy the coast highway for 2 or 3 days on the way back to LA. Another possibility would be to head from LA to Grand canyon and then back to Vegas but something else would have to give as you would need two nights for this to be worthwhile IMO.

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    hi guys
    thanks for the advice will look at the other threads
    as for the type of vehicle was hoping to hire a 12 seater van as that is what we did in florida.
    do you not think this is a good idea with the road trip planned ,would we be better to hire 2 suvs maybe
    again thanks for the advice

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    If you've done a 12 seat van before then that might work for you, however there are a couple things I would be concerned about. First, A 12 seat van might not leave much room for luggage for 9 people. Second, these large vans really aren't very well engineered, so they end up being fairly unstable and difficult to drive. You really have to keep the speed down and your alert level way up when driving this kind of vehicle, and I might lean towards 2 large SUVs - although either option is going to be quite expensive.

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