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    Hey all,

    My name is Dan Moriarty, and like Dean Moriarty of Kerouac's famed novel, i have the travel bug. I'm currently a freshmen (plebe) at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and have started planning my summer leave. One of my dreams has been to see the great country that I will soon take an active part in defending. As such, I have begun thinking up ideas for a cross-country (or mostly cross country) trip. My time frame run's from May 23 to June 24, but I'd like to spend at least a few days at each end with my family in Massachusetts (45mins south of boston), as well as a few in Columbia, SC, where my best friend lives. Here's just a few bits of info:

    The farthest West I've been from New England is Ohio!
    I probably won't have a car and will therefore will probably be utilizing buses/hitchhiking (is it legal anywhere anymore?)
    Budget runs ~800-1000 dollars

    Any tips, advice, ideas, etc would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Hitchhiking is not legal anywhere, nor is it a safe method of travel. Buses will be an option, but they don't go everywhere, so you will have to build your trip around places you can actually get to!

    The other issue you'll really have to think about is your budget. The kind of budget you are talking about for a month long trip is far below what is considered poverty in this country. When traveling by bus, you really won't be able to camp since you can't get to campgrounds. Hostels will be a good low cost option, but they aren't available everywhere either. If you could average $30 a night for lodging -which is on the very optimistic side- and were on the road for 20 nights plus a few more nights for free with friends and family - you'd already have spent 600 dollars. By the time you buy bus tickets, you could have blow through your entire budget before you've even spent a dime on food or fun.

    Once you just figure out the logistics, then you can get to the fun - figure out where it is you want to go and what you want to do. Its a big country and with a month, you've got the ability to really go most anywhere in the country.

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    Thanks so much for all the information, it's really helped me define my goals and limitations for my trip!

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