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    I'm planning a roadtrip for the last 2 weeks of July. I'll be flying in to Spokane, and driving to Glacier National Park. I'll also be going into Banff and Jasper. My question is regarding the Going to the Sun Road. I've driven a lot of mountain roads including the highway from Durango to Silverton, the Blue Ridge Parway, every road in Rocky Mountains and all through Wyoming. But I'm wondering just how nerve shattering driving the Going to the Sun Road will be. I've been fine on the roads I've mentioned (well the Durango to Silverton got a little hairy, but nothing I couldn't handle). Anyone drive these sames roads that can compare them and let me know if I'm worried about nothing?

    Also, anyone have experience with the campgrounds in Banff and Jasper in July? Do I need to make reservations, or do they normally have some spots available?

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    Having driven most of the rods you mention (and a few others) I will say that I was not particularly scared by Going to the Sun Road. And neither was my 60+ year old mother. Fascinated - yes. Thrilled - yes. But scared - not at all. In fact the only road I've ever gotten comments on from my passenger (I'm a former pilot and am used to having no visible means of support.) is the Mount Washington Auto Road which is graded dirt, narrow, steep, and has precipitous drop offs with no guard rails. Going to the Sun is a superhighway in comparison.

    The times I've been to Banff/Jasper have been decidedly off-season. Unfortunately, July is the height of their tourist season, which is short, so reservations would be in order if you want assurances of a campground or anything but the last available site.


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