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  1. Default roadtrip to Grand Canyon and Tuscon,Az with two teenagers addicted to video games

    I am trying to plan a trip to Tuscon, Az ( my inlaws live there) with my family. The only problem is my two teenage boys who would rather stay home and play with their friends and video games. Sighteeing will be great, but there has got to be more interactive things to do with the boys in the Tuscon and at the Grand Canyon....any suggestions?

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    Default Addiction is Probably the Correct Term

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    If your teens would rather play video games than see the Grand Canyon. (literally) twiddle their thumbs rather than go on a grand adventure, stay home rather than experience the wider world, then yes addiction is the correct term. If things really are at this pass, then it's time for the adults to intervene and force withdrawal. But before playing the heavy (and yes, I'm serious about the recommendation that you take their games away) you should see if you can get them interested in the trip by asking for their input and ideas. Ask them what they'd like to see in Arizona. There are a ton of teen friendly attractions and activities, but make them do the research. If they do it, they'll be invested in the trip and not just being dragged along. If they don't, perhaps it is time to pull the plug/batteries/WiFi on their addiction.


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