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    My name is Avi and my dream is to do a road trip from New York to California.
    Some points to consider:

    * This is planned to take place in June 2011, as a honeymoon trip with my finacee, so even though we're under a relatively tight budget we'd still like to sleep in motels or better (i.e no car-sleeping, no camping)

    * We're from Europe and have never been to the US

    * We want to travel for about 6 weeks, but anything between 4 and 8 will do.

    * Our budget is about $5000 everything included

    My first idea was to buy a RV in NY, drive it all day way to CA and sell it there, but looking at the prices of used RVs I'm starting to question to viability of this plan. Another option would be to rent or buy a used car and sleep in motels.

    I'm just in the very beginning of the planning, and we're talking about over a year from now - but I'd rather plan too early than too late. I would appreciate any advice, especially on my budget and how realistic it is.

    I'm off to read more threads in this great forum.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Hello, congratulations and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As you are not a resident of the US the first thing to keep in mind is that it is not easy [almost impossible] to purchase a vehicle and get all the registration papers, insurance etc to make your road trip vehicle legal. Secondly, without much time to do this you will have to buy at retail and sell at wholesale loosing 1000's of dollars and that's if it passes the strict emissions tests in Cali. In short it isn't worth considering buying your own transport for a 6-8 week trip and would end up costing more. A car and Motels would be cheaper than an RV for just the two of you and an RV is really a lifestyle choice.

    If you budget includes your flights then I think you have a problem, a general of $100 a day per person is something to work on but depending on your interests and living style that can vary greatly, but I would get saving !

    I'm off to read more threads in this great forum.
    That's the best thing at the moment, use the search function and you will find all kinds of info and tips but check out all the other great pages in the tool bars above, RTA covers just about everything to do with the road trip.

    You have endless amounts of options on a cross country run, so get a good map of the US and start looking for places that appeal and get some dots on the map. When you have done so and new questions arise just ask away !

    Enjoy the planning !

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    Dave thanks for your reply.

    If you budget includes your flights
    (The $5000 budget doesn't include airline tickets)

    a general of $100 a day per person is something to work on
    What does the $100 per day per person include?

    Here is a Google Maps link to our work-in-progress plan:

    What do you recommend seeing between Chicago and Zion?

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    The $100 a day would include food, lodging, fuel for a rental car, and incidentals. It probably would not cover the rental cost for the car.

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