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    Default San Francisco to Denver - Itinerary Comments?

    Hi there

    What a great website this is! Currently planning my second road trip in the USA. The last trip was from San Fran to Yosemite, to Death Valley, to Vegas, to Bryce, to Grand Canyon, to LA and back to San Fran. This time the trip is over about 2.5 weeks and runs from San Francisco to Denver. I've got an itinerary but would be keen to get your thoughts on the timings and where you think I might have any problems?

    I'm conscious I'm squeezing a lot in, but think that for the most part the driving isn't too ridiculous. I'd love to spend more time seeing Zion up close (I visited Bryce last time) than just a 1/2 day or so, but figure I can always come back again and spend more time there!! The only thing I can't decide on for sure is whether to bother with Death Valley on the way to Vegas. It's a bit of a detour and in June time is likely to be incredibly hot... but figured it would be good to see again (aim to get there for evening/sundown - have a beer, watch the sunet, see the stars) before heading on to Vegas...

    Anyway, look forward to any comments people have. Thanks.

    Timeline below. Google maps directions here:

    Day 1 - San Francisco
    Day 2 - San Francisco
    Day 3 - San Francisco
    Day 4 - Drive to Carmel (PCH)
    Day 5 - Drive to Santa Barbara (PCH)
    Day 6 - Drive to LA
    Day 7 - LA
    Day 8 - Drive to Las Vegas (via Death Valley for sunset and some stargazing) late arrival into Vegas
    Day 9 - Las Vegas
    Day 10 - Drive to Zion, and onward to Kanab
    Day 11 - Drive to Grand Canyon
    Day 12 - Drive to Blanding (via Page, Monument Valley, Goosenecks, etc.)
    Day 13 - Drive to Moab (with detours to scenic lookouts: Needles, etc.)
    Day 14 - Moab
    Day 15 - Drive to Idaho Springs
    Day 16 - Mount Evans and then Rocky Mountain National Park to Boulder
    Day 17 - Boulder
    Day 18 - Back to Denver airport for flight home.
    Day 19 - Arrive back in the UK (and begin planning road trip #3 / emigration!)

    Thanks guys/gals.
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    Default Doable.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You already know that your trip is going to be quite busy and that you are going to wish for more time in parts so with that in mind your trip is certainly doable with the time you have but only you can decide what works best for you. If I were to change one thing it would be night 16 where I would spend the night in Estes park and explore a little more of RMNP as trying to drive up Mount Evans and then the Trail Ridge Rd and to Boulder won't leave you much time. As you have been to SF I might also consider having one night less there and give yourself a bit more time on the road.

    I presume you are going to visit Arches NP when in Moab, but to do so and enjoy Canyonlands you might have to decide between "Needles" or "Islands in the sky" as they are time consuming detours.

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