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    We are driving up from Orlando to DC over a few days, we want to stop over at Savannah and Charleston and drive a bit through the Blue Ridge Mountains. We don't really want to drive more than 400 miles per day...any suggestions as to which route to take?

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    Both Orlando to Savannah (275 miles via I-4/I-95) and Savannah to Charleston (110 miles via I-95/US-17) fit comfortably within your 400 mile/day limit. Charleston to Washington at 630 miles including the side trip to and on the Blue Ridge will require a couple of days. The most efficient route for the later part of your trip would be I-26 to Columbia, SC and then I-77 north to Wytheville, VA. Between Wytheville and Front Royal, VA, I-81 follows the Shenandoah Valley with the Blue Ridge off to your right. You can take almost any numbered highway east from I-81 to the Blue Ridge Parkway, part of the National Parks system, and take a scenic, relaxed, and slow drive on that for as long as suits you, and then take pretty much any numbered highway west back to I-81. A couple of good choices would be VA-43 southeast from Buchanan just north of Roanoke or US-60 east from the quaint town of Lexington to get on the Blue Ridge. You could then either get off the Blue Ridge at I-64 and follow it and US-29/I-66 into Washington or continue north on Skyline Drive from the end of the Blue Ridge Parkway to Front Royal and I-66 into DC. Note that both the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive are slow, winding, but not terribly steep two lane roads with low speed limits, often 35 mph, so you'll want to think in terms of hours, not miles. 400 miles at 35 mph would be a very long day indeed. Roughly halfway between Charleston and Washington (in terms of time, not miles) would be around Roanoke using the route(s) suggested. That would be right around your 400 mile limit for a day spent entirely on Interstates, and leave you around 250 miles to travel on the day you're mostly on two lane roads.

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    If you have time, check out North Carolina's Outer Banks. Also, go to Wilmington, NC, if you have a chance.

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    Thanks so much for all the info, will be getting the map out later to plan route!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadDog View Post
    If you have time, check out North Carolina's Outer Banks. Also, go to Wilmington, NC, if you have a chance.
    Keep in mind that Wilmington, the Outer Banks, and the Blue Ridge Parkway are VERY FAR APART. North Carolina is one wiiiiiiiiiiiide state.

    I live in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, and we can zip up to the mountains in about two hours, we can be at the beach (either NC or SC) in 3-4 hours. I was in college before I ever visited the Outer Banks, and I figured it would be like going to the beach. Nope, we drove and we drove and we drove and we drove. I thought we'd never get there. Since that first trip, I've been to the Outer Banks twice more, and it's just a long way from everything. It's a great place to visit: If you hit the season right, you should try to see the outdoor drama about the Lost Colony, and you should see the Botanical Gardens. And, of course, you'll see Kitty Hawk.

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    Thanks for the heads up!

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