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    Hi there,

    me and my friend, both from Germany, would like to spend 4 weeks in the States. Taking into consideration the fact that we both havent been there yet, we would like to see as much as possible.

    So here we go: Time Frame 10th of September (Flight from Frankfurt to NY) until the 11th of October (Flight from Miami to Frankfurt) which means that our first sight has to be NY (which is as well our target) and our last sight Miami.

    What would you recommend us to see? What is a must? What about the car renting prices? I doubt that we will need a car in NY but travelling around the coast will be awesome with a car, so we will rent one.

    What about flights within the country? Prices? I would like to travel as well to the west coast, so I guess the best wey to do that will be flying (Im not an driving maniac :))

    Is the time enough to do so? Or would you just recommend to stay at the east coast?

    I also thought about a one to two day trip to the Bahamas - Heard about cheap fares for the ships.

    Thanks a lot in advance


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    Willkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Four weeks sounds like a lot until you start breaking it down and spending it. A few days in New York and a few days in Miami, and a few days on the drive between them - it all starts to add up. But yes, I think that you can do both coasts as long as you realize that other than a few well chosen cities or other places you won't get to see anything in great detail. Such reconnaissance trips are absolutely fine, especially for one's first trip to a country as large as the U.S.

    As far as car rental prices, that will depend on several factors including your age and what type of car you get. There will also typically be a one-way drop-off fee of a few hundred dollars. But you can often do better by arranging your rental through a European booking agency and this is something that you'll have to start looking into soon, as it will require a bit of research, especially if you are under 25. If you are under 21, it will take even more work.

    It would take you about a week to drive across the country from Miami to Los Angeles. If you want to see that part of the country and spend that much time on the road, then I think that cost wise it would be about a wash. Your major expenses of hotel/food/attractions would still be about the same either way, and the cost of two one-way plane tickets would be offset by not having to rent two separate cars and seeing more of the country.


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    Hey there,

    Im 24 and my friend is 26, so I doubt that there will be a big problem about the driving.

    I just thought that driving from one to the other coast might be quite tiring?!

    Yeah, I thought as well just spending a couple of days in NY and then passing the coast down to Miami. But then I think as well that the time will be just too much to spend it mostly only in that 2 cities...

    What about flights? Arent they affordable? I mean, e.g. from NY to LA, hiring there a car, travelling a lot at that coast and then flying to Miami, again a car and then spending the last days on the Bahamas, coming back to Miami and then flying back to Germany.

    Hows that? :)

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    Default estimates

    You can usually get a cross country flight for about $300, if you are watching for discounts, booking early, and flying on lower cost days (Tuesdays, Wednesday, Saturdays). You'll likely pay a little more for booking two one way tickets (from NY, back to Miami), but you should be able to get your flights for under $400 total each.

    Adding in an extra flight to the Bahamas could increase your costs quite a bit, as that flight will probably cost you at least $200 round trip. A better idea might be to instead spend some time driving down to the Florida Keys. Or if you want to keep the Bahamas, then flying their directly from the West Coast, rather than stopping over in Miami, will probably be a bit cheaper.

    With your ages, getting a car won't be a problem, but it is quite likely you'll be looking at an underage driver fee if you want to drive. If you decide to skip that fee and make your friend the sole person on the rental contract, then you will not be able to drive at all - with potentially serious problems if you are caught as an unauthorized driver.

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