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    Four of us have rented a car for April 27, 2010 and are going to take on driving to the Grand Canyon village and back in one day. Can you suggest good stops for food and tips for this trip?

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    Default Why Bother?

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    Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back is nearly 600 miles and 12 hours of driving, plus whatever delays you'll encounter during your two crossings of Hoover Dam which are likely to be substantial. All that for what will be little more than a fleeting glimpse of one of the true natural wonders of the world. Unless you can devote considerably more time to this effort, the best advice anyone can give you is don't bother.


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    Default no time

    Sorry, but I completely agree with Buck. People frequently underestimate just how far of a drive it is to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

    It really isn't a good choice for a daytrip because of the distance, the traffic (both at the dam, and at the gates to the park), and the size of the National Park. By the time you factor all of that in, it just takes too much time for such a trip to be worthwhile.

    Spending a night really gives you enough time to actually see the Grand Canyon, and there are plenty of low cost lodging options in Williams. If you do that, then you start to open up the possibility of also stopping at the Hoover Dam, driving on a section of old Route 66, or other things which could make your trip fun.

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    Thank you to Buck and Michael. This is why I appreciate these great forums! Maybe we will just go to the Hoover Dam and Kingsman. I did that trip in 1999 on a rented Harley and found time in Boulder, NV to go skydiving.

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    Default How about one of these.

    It's a shame you can't take the time to spend a night at the Grand canyon it's an awesome experience but there are a few other options for day trips from Vegas.

    Have fun !

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    Well, that is an option.

    I would strongly recommend going to the Grand Canyon, you just need to give yourself enough time to actually see it! If you really don't want to spend the night, there are still lots of other great daytrip options from Vegas.

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