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    Default Driving Tired Kills (again)

    Very frequently we hear from people who think they can drive through the night without problem, they think they can drive more than 1,000 miles without stopping for proper rest, and that for whatever reason, "it won't be a problem."

    So often, the excuses are "we have multiple drivers" or "we're college students who have lots of energy and are used to be up all night," or even "we've done this before."

    All of these would have been valid "excuses" for a group of 7 college kids from Wisconsin who tried to drive straight home from Spring Break at South Padre Island, Texas. They made it as far as Missouri, before they ran into problems. A car was trying to merge onto the freeway, and the van driver swerved, lost control, and crashed into a concrete pillar. One of the students is dead, two others are in critical condition.

    There is no evidence of alcohol being a factor, they'd all done this trip before, but they were tired, and now a 23 year old's life has been cut short. Its a tragedy, but hopefully, it can also serve as a real life example for people who think it can't happen to them.

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    Default Fatigue can be as deadly as intoxication

    Michael, thanks for posting this article -- Especially now during the peak of spring break season. Fatigue continues to kill more drivers and vehicle passengers each year. I've personally attended the funerals of way too many people who died as a result of someone being too sleepy to be driving safely.

    Very sad -- And so easily preventable.


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    Wanted to say thanks to you forum moderators for consistently advising against driving crazy distances in short time. I just drove from Atlanta to Vegas and have done the reverse trip, as well as various other road trips over the years. On my recent trip, as on various others, I've seen drivers who seem to be distracted or tired, as demonstrated by their weaving on roads. I try to avoid being hurt or killed by them, of course, by maintaining a safe distance and observing for several miles. If I see someone repeatedly weaving (in apparent effort to stay awake), I call the cops and give them all information about the car (plate number, make and model) and location (via GPS info). Just a warning to those who risk their own lives, as well as those of others. I hope others will do likewise, to keep us all safe on the road. Road tripping is great, but it's crazy to endanger lives to do it.

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