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    My best friend and I are taking a road trip this coming September. We have a lot of options and time for the majority of our trip, we are just struggling with things to do in between Omaha, NE and Denver, CO. Its about an 8 1/2hr - 10hr trip and we will be on I-80 for a long time and then branching off onto I-76. There is also an option to take I-80 to I-70 which only adds an extra hour or so. Because the trip is so long we were hoping that we could get some advice from others on fun/unusual/interesting attractions near those highways. We are keeping a tight budget so anything ultra cheap or free is awesome, and we are perfectly happy just seeing beautiful natural areas. We are up for just about anything! Here are the details on our entire trip in case someone has cool tips for other areas as well:

    This is a 10-day trip from St. Louis to Los Angeles. Each # is our next destination.
    1. Fly into St. Louis
    2. Omaha Through Kansas City
    3. Denver
    4. Santa Fe
    5. Alburquerque
    6. Monument Valley
    7. Four Corners
    8. Grand Canyon
    9. Las Vegas
    10. Death Valley
    11. Los Angeles

    The only map that I tweaked from the recommended route on Google Maps was from Denver to Santa Fe because I wanted us to drive through more mountains than they recommended and looked up some cities that we thought would be beautiful to see.

    We will be camping every night (instead of motels) and the locations we will be camping at are: Omaha, Denver, Santa Fe, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas (x2 nights), Death Valley and LA. Any camping locations recommendations?

    ANY recommendations are welcomed, we are pretty easy-going and adventurous.

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is there a reason you are going all the way north to Omaha instead of just taking I-70 from St. Louis all the way to Denver? Going through Omaha adds more than 100 miles to this trip.

    For that matter, there are plenty of ways to get from Denver to 4 corners/monument valley without going through Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and if just getting to New Mexico is your goal, you might look at taking I-44/I-40 from St. Louis.

    Either way, this list has some great ideas for places to stop along both interstates. And of course, make sure to use local resources, there are information centers at rest areas near the state line along interstate routes in nearly every state, and the people here can provide great information about things going on during your time of travel (in both Kansas and Nebraska, they will usually be thrilled to hear a question other than "how far to Denver"
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    We have friends that live in Omaha and Albuquerque, so that combined with both of us having requests for certain locations (Denver, Santa Fe, LA...) sort of puts us all over the place. The route we have mapped out seems to be the easiest way to hit all those places without backtracking.

    Mileage is not too big of a deal for us, I overcalculated time and fuel costs so as not to exceed our budget.

    Thanks for the link to that list - I will certainly read through that!

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