OK, so I've injected my opinions into any number of unsuspecting folk's posts... I suppose I should let people have a shot at me for my next road trip.

In June, in celebration of someone (not me) getting her MS Ed (we hope):

Day 1: Load up The Beast*, leave the shadow of Mt Diablo, head up I5 (with fresh Peet's latte's in the cup holders), lunch at our favorite spot in Dunsmuir, arrive Ashland, Oregon in afternoon.

Day 2-5 Ashland: 3 plays, some wine tasting, maybe a trip to Jacksonville, possibly a Rogue Jet Boat, maybe visit local friends/relatives (still under consideration).

Day 6: Leave Ashland, hit: Harry and David, Rogue Creamery, Butte Creek Mill; then on to Crater Lake (yes, will have BIG cooler in The Beast to protect perishables, including untold amounts of blue cheese, plus keep the odd bottle of white wine ready for picnics).

Day 6-7: Two nights at Crater Lake (hoping Rim Drive will be open by then), if not... snowball fights can be fun too.

Day 8: Leave Crater Lake, drive through Klamath Falls to Lava Beds National Monument (spend a couple hours there), arrive small fishing lodge on Pit River near Fall River Mills.

Day 9: drive through Lassen Volcanic National Park (hike to Bumpass Hell if trail is open), continue on home.

The floor is now open for suggestions: places to eat, things to do/see, other modifications.

* Our road trip vehicle: Ford Expedition. No need to pack light with 10,000 cubic feet of cargo space.