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    me and my gf are going to stay in Canada for a year (west side for a few months, east side for the rest of the year) for work reason.
    We are currently in Kamloops and are planning a 10 days road trip from Kamloops to Dawson's Creek from where we follow the Alaska Hwy all the way to its end and then (most probably) to Fairbanks.

    Our aim is to see the Northern Lights either in Yukon or Alaska whichever comes first :)
    If we're able to see them earlier than Delta Junction, we might think about a re-route south to Anchorage.

    Anyway.. the trip itself is easy to plan, there's only one Alaska Hwy :) and from Kamloops to Dawson Creek we'll probably drive almost non stop so to be there the night of the very first day of the trip (April, 2nd).

    From there, do you guys have any suggestions on little detours along the route for some amazing scenic views or food places et similia ?
    We plan to drive most of the time and stop for nice shots along the way, so no big detours or long stops, but is there's something that really is worth it, please tell us.

    Also is there something we should take care of related to road conditions, snow or anything like that?

    As for books, we ordered the 2010 edition (62nd) of The Milepost and we're about to order the Scenic Driving Alaska and Yukon. Any other good suggestions?

    And, finally, mobile phones. We do know that our GSM phones most probably will be useless northern BC and for sure in Yukon and Alaska (save few spots).
    So we were planning to rent a satellite phone (7$/day). Hints on this?

    Thank you in advance, any reply is much appreciated!

    Aniello & Samantha
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    Just a note: you are probably aware that with each passing day there are fewer and fewer hours of night, and the farther North you go also the more daylight you're going to have (and therefore less Aurora viewing opportunities).

    Your best window is in Spring or Fall, and Spring is upon us.

    This US Navy site is a great source of sunrise/sunset data for any location on the planet, in case you wanted to see what things are going to be like at a particular spot on a particular day. For non-US locations you'll have to provide longitude and lattitude, for US locations any semi-major town will do.

    For example, it doesn't start getting really dark in Fairbanks until around 9:30 pm right now ("end civil twighlight"). You'll also need to consider the phase of the moon; a full moon is going to impact the view (96% full today).

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