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  1. Default I-95 toll prices?

    This Easter weekend I'm planning to drive from New York (I live right above the city) down to Charlottesville, VA. I'll be leaving Thursday afternoon and returning Sunday evening. Can anyone tell me if it's better to take I95 or I85? I know the mileage is much better for I95, but I've heard the traffic is bad and the tolls are high. Does anyone know the exact toll charges on I95?

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    Default Tolls Are the Least of Your Worries

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    It seems to me that there was a study published a number of years ago that concluded that people would, in general, pay about $8 in tolls for each hour of driving saved. But, given the inflation in travel costs, and particularly gas prices, the impact of tolls on the cost of a trip is now almost trivial. Of far more importance is that you have an enjoyable trip, and I-95 down "the corridor" is not the way to do this. For an additional 70 miles and 1 hour of driving (and no tolls) you can take I-78 out of the New York City area to Harrisburg and pick up I-81 to I-64 to Charlottesville. That is hands down the way I'd go.


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    The only toll going that way will be whatever it may cost you to get across the Hudson - and the I-78 bridge over the Delaware River, 75 cents, westbound only.

    You do realize that you are looking at a 7 to 8 hour drive, right?

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