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    Default Modern Day Thelma & Louise- Need Your Advice and Help!

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Courtney, and currently I'm in the process of preparing for a summer roadtrip from Southern California, through the 'Bible' belt, up to NY, and possibly Canada. I am a writer, and plan on documenting the trip with my best friend through writing and film.

    It's my everyday blog documenting my life, pre and post college graduation, and the people ('faces') along the way. So I'm set out to hear stories from people from across America. I am in the process of raising money/ getting sponsors to help make this dream a reality, and find the stories of Americans in our own backyard.

    So any route suggestions/ favorite places/ trip ideas/ places to rent a van; etc.!!!

    If you have any suggestions I'd LOVE to hear!!

    thank you! Courtney
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    Default basics

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As you'll see many times as you take a look around this forum, its just really not possible for us to start throwing out routes or other specific suggestions when you're talking about a cross country trip where you've worked out very few of the details. Once you've got a better idea of some of the specifics of a trip that would fit you best, we can help you fill in the gaps.

    What sort of van are you hoping to rent and how long do you plan to be on the road? Is this a one way trip?

    We also wish you luck in finding sponsors, however, the number of people who are looking for other people to help pay for their trip is very high, and the number of people/companies willing to give up their money to help someone else travel is quite low. Please let us know what sort of success you end up having.

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    Well- a camper van I'd think. And the trip I'd hope would be from late June to the end of August. I just want to know some of everyone's favorite spots in America, and why.

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    Default It's never that simple

    As a writer, you must know that nothing is as easy as that -- You need to think about what kind of road trip interests you and the kinds of places and attractions appeal to you and share those parameters with us and then you might get some favorites. Here's over overview of the kinds of road trips that exist...

    It sort of sounds like you are embarking on a "Youthful Quest" with a dash or two of Youthful Jaunt And once you get that sorted out you can think about the RoadTrip Challenge

    But I'll throw in my first two "favorites" -- The Starlight Theater in Terlingua, Texas and a moonless sky at the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park.


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